About Us

I am a Lego collector and not a business. I primarily collect polybags. The parts and sets listed for sale on my Brick Owl store come from my own collection. Whenever I buy a set, be it for a particular part or the minifigures, the rest of the pieces in that set are offered for sale here. Sometimes I will purchase combined lots from a trader, keeping the sets I don't already have for my private collection, and offering those I do already have for sale here on Brick Owl.

I keep some spare pieces for the models that I own, but otherwise I don't have a large personal collection of bricks.

Conditions of individual pieces

Parts sold as new are exactly that - they come direct from Lego packaging into my Brick Owl inventory storage. Very occasionally, I purchase bricks from Lego's Pick-a-Brick Wall, and sometimes I over-estimate quantities of what I need, or plans change and I no longer need those bricks at all, and they too will be offered for sale as new pieces. None of my new pieces have been used to build with. Ever. However, new does not necessarily mean mint. There may be minor scratches and other imperfections due to production, shipping and storage. I have on occasion withheld from sale some pieces that have visible scratches, but it should be accepted by all buyers that if pieces from a sealed Lego product can contain small blemishes, so too can the pieces in your Brick Owl order.

All white pieces are stored inside a black container to help minimise the risks of discolouration.

Parts sold as used (good) have almost always been used just once and would probably pass for used (as new). Sometimes I purchase sets, build and display them, and then later decide to replace them with something else. These models are then carefully dusted, taken apart and the pieces are then offered for sale.

Naturally, our used (good) pieces are stored separately from our new pieces.


Where possible I try and keep my pricing competitive in order to encourage sales. My collection is large and space is at a premium! There are always new polybags being released and I prefer not to keep anything I don't need or want for longer than is necessary.


I have collected Lego, on and off, for over 10 years. I have purchased sets from private individuals, hobbyiest dealers, retail stores and eBay, both in the United Kingdom and all across Europe, and occasionally from North America. I have seen a variety of different methods of packaging, and sometimes have been left wondering what the seller was smoking when they packed the order!

I have used this experience to ensure that all my orders are packed professionally. Most pieces will be bagged and then placed inside small bubble bags. These help offer additional protection and help keep moisture away should the outer packaging be breached. From here these bags are then placed either in boxes or Jiffy envelopes. Only the smallest orders are sent in Jiffy bags. I have a variety of different boxes which allows me to select the one that is most appropriate. Some of these boxes have a width that's small enough to fit within the industry standard dimension limits of a letter - this allows most mail systems to process them in their automated sorted systems which ensures a quick delivery. These boxes also easily fit inside the average letterbox which ensures you won't need to pick up from the depot or otherwise arrange re-delivery if you were out. Obviously larger orders will need larger boxes.

Last Updated: 18 Sep 2014